The Club

Everyone is welcome to become a member of Highland 4 Wheel Drive Club. We were all beginners once, it doesn’t matter what level of experience you may have driving a 4×4 vehicle off-road there will always be someone with helpful advice and encouragement on hand.

All you need is a four wheel drive vehicle, no major modifications are required, only properly secured towing points on both ends of the vehicle, common sense, and a sense of humour!

Monthly trials or challenges are usually held on the last Sunday of the month, with a few exceptions.

Trials are a skills competition; 8 sections each comprising 8 gates (pairs of canes); penalty points awarded for hitting a cane, missing a gate, stopping, taking a shunt (reversing) etc. It’s not against the clock, and if a gate looks too challenging; miss it out and take the penalty points! At the end of the year the scores are totted up, with trophies for the winners. There are various classes for different types of vehicle, with varying amounts of modification.

We also organise various fun challenges such as;

Santas Hangover Challenge; a sort of off-road orienteering.

Gairloch Weekend; coincides with the Gairloch Gathering, a weekend of off-road fun and frolicks, with the highlight being the Ceilidh at Big Sands campsite on the Saturday night.

Off road runs; with kind permission of various landowners, to fantastic locations such as the Orrin Dam, Corrieyairack Pass, Alladale Wilderness Reserve. Moneys charged per vehicle goes to charity so we can have a great fun day out and go home with that warm and fuzzy feeling that we’ve donated to a good cause.

And all sorts of other random events…….

The club was founded in 1985, and is affiliated to Motorsport UK for insurance purposes. Unfortunately this means only club members can participate in events. You may join the club at any time throughout the year or at any event.

Highland 4 Wheel Drive Club would like to thank all the landowners that allow us access to their land for our events, without them the club would not be possible! If you have land that you think might be suitable please get in touch with a committee member.