Scrutineering Requirements – All vehicles will be subject to scrutineering before competing.  Don’t be disappointed, make sure your vehicle complies with the following –    


All body panels to be securely attached to vehicle

No excessively sharp edges

CB type aerial removed

All items carried in load bed must be secured

Recovery points

Fitted front and rear

Substantially constructed and secured to chassis

Fuel cap

Securely fitted 

Must not leak

Engine bay

Nothing obviously loose

No substantial fluid leaks


Adequately secured to vehicle – must not be slack Positive terminal covered/insulated.


No excessive play in steering


Hand brake and foot brake must hold vehicle on slope

Firm pedal for foot brake


Mounted securely

Must fasten and release correctly


If fitted must be secure

Interior items secure

All items carried inside vehicles must be secured or removed to prevent injury in event of a roll over. 

Scrutineer has right to refuse event entry or give improvement notice for the next event.